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WELCOME! I'm really glad that you're here.

I enjoy working with women who are like me.  Amazing women who hold it down for their family.  Women who do well in their chosen careers, from home engineers to the executive suite.  Married women, single women or somewhere in between. Young women or seasoned. Educated women, some by college – all by life.  Women that serve others and give back to their community.  Women like me, who look like they have it all together but secretly struggle with "that emotional thing.” 

As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, I am able to help you deal with “that emotional thing.”  Together we will go on an exciting journey of exploration, restoration, and transformation.”

~Coach Kecia

"Ultra-professional, super-real, and homegirl vibes are the words that come to mind when I think of Coach Kecia. There is such a transformational ease that comes with working with her. She’s both tough and gentle and goes the extra mile with you.   She comes highly recommended."

- Sheila S.

"Before working with Coach K, I really thought that I was going crazy.  What I learned is that I was suffering from chronic stress and overwhelm.  It was impacting my physical and mental health and my relationships.  Coach K helped me identify my stressors and taught me stress management strategies.  I am most grateful for her giving me permission to “just say no.”  “No” is one of the most powerful words that I ever learned to use.  I learned that Self Care isn't Selfish and that it’s ok to make myself a priority. I make time for me now!"

- LaShonne S.

"Coach Kecia helped me overcome past negative experiences that prevented me from moving confidently into my future. As a mom, and business owner I needed to drop the emotional weight so that I could live my best-blessed life. She helped me with identifying and challenging negative thoughts and gave me tools to manage "

- Devin L.

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